23 Maggio 2023

Change surname upon marriage (or not): tradition or norm?

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    Whether or not to drop the surname given at birth and take the one belonging to one's partner has been around for some time. It has become the ultimate tool for some women to affirm independence and empowerment. In the US especially – where it is legally allowed to choose what surname to use upon marriage – some are vocally rejecting this tradition, that is still the norm there. The claims against it, expressed in growing numbers not only by the newer generations, go from the feeling of "ownership" it implies to the desire to honour the family of origin line. And, especially among the highly educated, more women...

11 Aprile 2023

The number of women CFO is at an all-time high

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    A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is typically a white, middle-aged man. In the United States, he most likely graduated from a top raking public university, majoring in accounting, and with an MBA. Chances are that he spent time in one of the largest accounting firms. This profile makes sense, considering the primary responsibilities of a CFO that fall under financial management. Yet, in recent years, events and trends worldwide have brought this leadership position toward the need for a more comprehensive set of skills. In a way, consequently, the need for (more) diversity in the role has started to enter mainstream...

09 Febbraio 2023

Business schools: more diversity in the classrooms

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  "We cannot find the right female profile to become our [insert a top position here]," is an excuse - if it ever was such - soon to become outdated. Or that, when used, will unmask purposeful fabrications. In the past few years, women have been enrolling on business schools in numbers never seen before. And that means that more and more (and more) female professionals are ready to lead a company, a division or a team. If it was ever needed, now more and more (and more) have all the certifications to prove it. To be clear, that should not have not even been the case. But, to be honest, when choosing a profile for top positions,...

13 Ottobre 2016

La carta da giocarsi nel mondo del lavoro per guadagnare di più

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Veniamo subito al dunque. Le donne che vogliono fare carriera dovrebbero iscriversi a un Executive MBA, un corso di alta formazione professionale in Business administration. O se ancora non lavorano, almeno dovrebbero frequentare un MBA. In questo modo, potrebbero finalmente raggiungere uno stipendio paragonabile a quello degli uomini. Seguite il ragionamento. Il gap salariale tra maschi e femmine è confermato da decine di ricerche: secondo l'ultimo Gender gap report del World Economic Forum, tanto per citarne una, le donne italiane guadagnano in media l'11% in meno dei loro colleghi maschi con analoghe mansioni. Le ricerche ci dicono...