30 Gennaio 2024

Job quality contribute to working mothers’ struggles

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    How much does becoming a mother affect career prospects and the general wellbeing of women? How much does it drive their choices and fuel the gender pay gap? For years now, it has been acknowledged that, generally, female workers with children follow a very different path than the men who become fathers. They experience setbacks regarding job opportunities, salary, type of contract offered, and number of hours worked. Mothers are penalised by the lack of direct and practical support in raising their sons/daughters (the village that helped parents to care for the younger ones is long gone); by the widespread culture that...

22 Agosto 2023

Learning struggles after Covid: what can help children

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  When drastic social distancing measures were implemented due to the spread of Covid-19, many experts began sounding the alarm about children's development. And the risks of prolonged school closures. The raised alerts spanned from the lack of primary access to tools and quality teachings in the poorest areas to all the nuances of possible (if not probable) mental health issues. Particularly for those with some form of developmental struggle. In this situation, the role of occupational therapists and occupational therapy (OT) has increased. In the US, in particular, the job outlook is projected to grow by 14% in the next...

11 Luglio 2023

The school year in EU: summer breaks and days in class

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    All over Europe, the school year is over. But while for some students, the summer holiday started - at least - a month ago and will continue until September, for others, it has fairly recently begun and will end within 4 to 6 weeks. In the 37 countries surveyed by the Eurydice network (the nations participating in the Erasmus+ programme*), the minimum cumulated length of holidays lies between 100 and 120 days. Yet, in 13 of these countries, it exceeds the limits on both sides of the spectrum. Malta has the longest break (135 days), and, completely on the opposite, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway count for a minimum...

23 Maggio 2023

Change surname upon marriage (or not): tradition or norm?

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    Whether or not to drop the surname given at birth and take the one belonging to one's partner has been around for some time. It has become the ultimate tool for some women to affirm independence and empowerment. In the US especially – where it is legally allowed to choose what surname to use upon marriage – some are vocally rejecting this tradition, that is still the norm there. The claims against it, expressed in growing numbers not only by the newer generations, go from the feeling of "ownership" it implies to the desire to honour the family of origin line. And, especially among the highly educated, more women...

16 Maggio 2023

Children's mental health is a growing concern worldwide

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    Schoolchildren are struggling. Well beyond the stress to keep their scores up. Data show a worrying drop in levels of their mental health, which many experts link to the effect of pandemic closures—directly caused by the loss of social contacts, the deaths of loved ones and the impact of the jobs setbacks in their families. Warnings on the possible tolls on children's development and the potential effects of widening inequalities have been published starting from day one of the first lockdowns. But Covid-19 has reinforced some trends that, in many cases, were already latent. Undoubtedly, it has affected children's...

20 Marzo 2023

ILO launches two new tools to investigate care policies worldwide

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    In which state are maternity protection policies around the world? How many days are entitled to dads when their child is born? The International Labour Organization (ILO) has gathered data to help answer these questions. And has recently announced two new digital tools: the Global Care Policy Portal and the Care Policy Investment Simulator. As ILO describes, its open-access portal is “a knowledge hub on legal and statistical indicators on national care leave policies and services.” While the Investment Simulator, free to use previous registration, “calculates the investment requirements in 4 care policy areas and...

24 Gennaio 2023

Contraception as health right? The fairest countries for women

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    Since November, in Texas, young women under 18 must have parental consent to access free contraception offered by Title X. This federal grant program was created in 1970 to provide family planning and preventive health services. With this decision, the State, which has already been known for its conservative positions in matters of reproductive - then, also health at large - rights, further implements its restrictive laws in matters of family planning. And it does so just months after last year's overturning of the US Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which made the termination of pregnancy a constitutional right for...