11 Ottobre 2023

Puccini’s Turandot: from music box to metaverse

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    Among the operatic masterpieces throughout history, Giacomo Puccini's Turandot is one of the most world-renowned works. Puccini's Turandot also has a fascinating and storied history that can be described as “born global”, because the inspiration for this opera came in a music box brought from another part of the globe, thousands of miles away from Italy. Thinking Inside the (Music) Box It has been documented that the inspiration of Turandot came from a music box Puccini received from an Italian diplomat to China at the time, the late-19th century. The music box contained several Chinese melodies, three of which were...

05 Settembre 2023

Culture and art to help mental well-being

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    Can culture, alongside medical treatments, help improve mental health around Europe? It is not a new concept, and more projects have been designed to accompany therapies for some time now. Recently, even the EU Commission has undertaken a broader outlook by adding a new pillar to the European Health Union. Presented in June, its "new comprehensive approach to mental health" includes, among others, a more direct link between the two aspects while looking at "Mental health across all policies to recognise the multifaceted risk factors of mental-ill health." Undeniably, medical interventions and psychological support are...

04 Aprile 2023

Opera, what solutions in the digital era?

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    In the previous article " Opera, which challenges in the digital era ", I discussed the many and multifaceted challenges opera faces in the digital era. What could be the solutions? One solution, in fact, emerged from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Also known as La Scala, the famed opera house, since its inauguration in 1778, has been the cradle, and pinnacle, of many of the most influential operas in history. On February 14, 2023, in La Scala's over 200 years' history, for the first time, an opera, Giuseppe Verdi's I Vespri siciliani, was streamed live to audience worldwide through the opera house's online platform,...

14 Marzo 2023

Can a machine dream?

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    Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite a long time. Aware of not as we may be, it takes care of part of our everyday lives. We rely on machine learning for almost everything. Periodically, discussions arise and make the news worldwide about the timely questions regarding its development. Will AI ever become independent? Is it biased? Will there come a time when it won't need human input anymore? Over the years, we have seen the attention going to evolved specimens designed with anthropomorphic appearances to result less intimidating, the first attempts at conversations between machines, and the frenzy around...

07 Luglio 2022

The cheapest, most iconic and best theatres in the world

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      Summer may not be the season one would associate with time spent inside, especially probably not seated in a theatre enjoying a live performance. Moreover, plenty of great shows are set up in fantastic open locations: such as Taormina’s Teatro Greco, Vondelpark Open-Ait Theater in Amsterdam, and Regent’s Park Open-Air Theater in London. Still, after months of closures, and probably thanks to a different approach to free time, city theatres are well alive even during the warmest months of the year. And even if many artists and dance or stage companies are touring around – maybe right in one afore mentioned open-air...