24 Gennaio 2023

Contraception as health right? The fairest countries for women

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    Since November, in Texas, young women under 18 must have parental consent to access free contraception offered by Title X. This federal grant program was created in 1970 to provide family planning and preventive health services. With this decision, the State, which has already been known for its conservative positions in matters of reproductive - then, also health at large - rights, further implements its restrictive laws in matters of family planning. And it does so just months after last year's overturning of the US Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which made the termination of pregnancy a constitutional right for...

12 Dicembre 2022

The numbers of female CEO: what it means for Eu companies

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    Trends wordlwide prove that greater diversity in the workplace, from junior employees to c-suits, results in better financial results. This summer, the behavioural science consultancy MindGym put down some numbers to highlight the benefits. The paper argues that businesses with higher levels of diversity outperform and are more innovative. “Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to deliver above-average profits than those in the bottom quartile. Those in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to deliver above-average profits than the lowest quartile.” Moreover, “Inclusive...

06 Dicembre 2022

Progress in equality is slow. EIGE report a decline in the EU

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    In 2022 gender equality progresses at a snail's pace. Worsened even by complex crises that have become the norm. And, as numbers show, the decrease in growth and advancement is spread throughout the EU. These remarks accompany EIGE's Gender Equality Index. The current edition refers to data collected in 2020, and with everything that has happened since, the results are described as warning signs of an unaltered situation for women. This year's Index shows pieces of evidence of rising inequalities and unprecedented drops. "What is most pressing – intervenes EIGE Director Carlien Scheele - is that this year's score has taken a...

29 Novembre 2022

The video games market needs more women professionals

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  The video games industry is in excellent shape. In 2020 Covid boosted the time and money spent playing and the penetration of gaming in everyday lives. More people than ever engaged in mini-adventures to play on their smartphones or started longer quests with others online. After such a jump, most expected a slight decline. Yet, in 2021, the market size improved by 1.4%, with a revenue of 180.3 billion dollar. And some expect it to expand further at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% from 2022 to 2030. That is good news for many businesses in the compartment, and in terms of employment opportunities. From the...

16 Novembre 2022

Flexibility is key, says McKinsey-LeanIn.Org Report 2022

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  Two and ½ years of the Covid era, and employees do not want to return to the workplace of the past. Especially women – who have significantly paid the higher price – demand more. Even more so those in leadership positions. If they feel they need to get more, in terms of flexibility, opportunity and companies' commitment to DE&I, they don't fear leaving in search of better conditions. Women leaders are switching their jobs  «We are in the midst of "The Great Breakup"» confirms McKinsey and LeanIn.org's recently published Women in the Workplace Report. Women leaders are switching their jobs at an unprecedented pace. To put...

01 Novembre 2022

The Dream gap prevents girls from entering STEAM

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    Teenage girls are showing an increased interest in STEAM fields and are considering those fields for a career. Since technology permeates all aspects of living, there are more STEAM open positions than male professionals can fill. Thus, there is great potential for women, who continue to be well underrepresented in those areas. But when it comes to representation, presence and participation of women in STEAM jobs, the good news almost end here. The challenges begin early in women's lives and continue throughout their careers. They tend to consider those areas too difficult or not something for them and are less inclined to...

18 Ottobre 2022

The penalty of (potentially) becoming a mother

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    Sadly, it is common knowledge: motherhood is a penalty. From the less evident gap registered in some countries of South East Asia to the visible inequality in most places in Latin America, becoming a mother represent a disadvantage to a complete stop and all the nuances in between everywhere. And it is a setback for most of those who aspire to leadership roles. Covid-related restrictions made more evident than ever how disproportionately women shoulder caregiving needs. They are overrepresented in frontline occupations, like services and healthcare, and at higher risk of getting sick or losing their jobs, then more likely to fall...

04 Ottobre 2022

Minimum wages in the EU: 6 countries have no law

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    From January 2023, the minimum wage in the Netherlands will soar by 10%.   With skyrocketing prices and inflation, globally, many countries are on the same trend. In Europe, in particular, some adjustments are being made. Even if the Dutch represents the highest jump on the continent so far, many other member states are intervening, following the European directive on minimum salaries (proposed by the Commission and approved by the EU Parliament on 14th September.) In his speech from the throne on Prinsjesdag (or budget day) - the annual address to the Parliament to set the main features of government policy for the coming...

26 Settembre 2022

Forced labour affects 50 million people. ILO reports

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  Fifty million people were living in some form of forced labour in 2021, says ILO's newest report, 10 million more than five years ago. The "Global Estimates of Modern Slavery" was released this week. Almost simultaneously, it has been reported that the European Commission is expected to announce a ban on forced labour products - linked to allegations about this practice in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Similarly, in June, the US enacted a blanket ban on all imports, especially from that area, because of the alleged widespread human rights violations, particularly against Muslim Uyghur and other minorities. The decline in human...

19 Settembre 2022

Gender equal pay is still far. But awareness is rising

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    18 September is the UN International Equal Pay Day. A day of awareness that matters since the gender pay gap is well alive. Undeniably in recent years, some timid changes have been recorded. Yet, as the discussion continues, the attention widens, and both companies and legislators try to intervene, we are far from reaching the target of equality. Earning the same salary if performing a similar activity, regardless of gender, is a right defined by laws and agreed values alike. It is one of the funding principles of the European Union (article 157 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU). In the US, it is protected by the Equal...